The Arabic language

Learning Arabic helps a lot in reading the Quran correctly, so we offer these courses in Arabic.

Noor Al Bayan Course

Nour Al Bayan course develops students’ talents in reading and speaking Arabic correctly and conforms to the language of the Quran, as mastery of the course helps a lot in learning Arabic and learning the Quran. At the end of the course, the student will receive a certificate in The Nour Al Bayan.

In it, the student studies Nour Al-Bayan (Base Nour Al-Bayan)

  • The Arabic alphabet and its correct pronunciation
  • short movements    (alfath – alkasr – aldamu)
  • long movements  ,  alharakat altawila ( almadu )
  • alisukun
  • altnwin
  • alshida
  • ahukam alnuwn alsaakinat waltanwin
  • ahkam alraa’
  • qawaeid allaam
  • alwaqf alsahih

Learning al-Qaeda al-Nourania helps you read the Qur’an and Arabic and we have specialized teachers with high teaching experience.


Arabic Learning Courses for Children

Students study courses

  • Arabic for children level 1 (1)
  • Arabic for children level 2 (2)
  • Arabic for first grade children
  • Arabic language for children second grade primary
  • Arabic for children third grade primary
  • Arabic for children fourth grade primary
  • Arabic for children 5th grade primary
  • Arabic for children sixth grade primary

Arabic Courses for Adults:

Learning Arabic is important to read the Quran and master the correct pronunciation and make it easier for you to study in Arab universities like Al-Azhar in all its faculties as well as in Arab countries

Learning Arabic for adults includes the following:

  • Conversation and dialogue management course
  • Classical Arabic language course
  • Arabic grammar course (grammar)

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