Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies courses for juniors

  • Islamic knowledge course, first level (1)

  • Islamic Knowledge Course Level Two (2)

  • Islamic knowledge course, first grade, primary

  • Islamic knowledge course, second grade of primary school

  • Islamic knowledge course, third grade of primary school

  • Islamic knowledge course, fourth grade of primary school

  • Islamic knowledge course, fifth grade of primary school

  • Islamic knowledge course, sixth grade of primary school


Islamic Studies courses for adults

Islamic studies develop in the individual the correct belief and knowledge of God Almighty and knowledge of His Noble Messenger and studying there

  • Quran and Tajweed
  • Creed
  • Hadeeth
  • alfiqh
  • alasiyra ( sayiduna muhamad (s) walsahabat alkiram )
  • al’adab al’iislamia ( Islamic manners )

Pillars of Islam course

  • alshahadatayn ( The two certificates)
  • Prayer
  • alsawm ( Fasting)
  • alzaka ( Zakat )
  • alhaj (Pilgrimage)
  • Studying the pillars of Islam helps to understand the true nature of Islam and its pillars
  • These courses are suitable for Muslims who have recently entered Islam

Tafseer & Translation

Studying the Tafseer & Translation of the Qur’an helps you understand the Qur’an and know the true meaning behind the verses

  • Tafseer & Translation of Surat Al-Fatihah
  • Tafseer & Translation of the surahs of the Noble Qur’an


Supplication in Islam is an act of worship that is based on the servant asking his Lord and asking him, and it is one of the best acts of worship that is purely for God and it is not permissible for the servant to spend it on others.
The student studies there

  • Times when supplication is preferred
  • Conditions and etiquette of supplication and the reasons for the answer
  • Reasons why prayers are not answered
  • Conditions of supplication
  • The origins of supplication
  • The form of supplication
  • Examples of the answer to prayer

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